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Published January 25 2018

Volkswagen App Connect

By Town + Country Volkswagen

Volkswagen App Connect

App-Connect is a revolutionary new feature that allows you the freedom to listen to music, respond to messages, and get up-to-date information from your Apple or Android device, all while staying focused on the road ahead. By syncing your device with the App-Connect system, you can now access popular apps and send messages to loved ones with simple voice commands or intuitive touch-screen navigation.

The Choice is Yours

How you decide to link to your Volkswagen is up to you. You can choose from either Android Auto from Google or MirrorLink to connect your smartphone directly to your vehicle.

Within minutes you'll be able to reply to text messages, place calls, and get directions to your next destination, hands-free using simple voice commands.

Furthermore, you'll now be able utilze many of today's most popular applications including Spotify, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and more.

Arrive On Time, Every Time

Perhaps the most impressive feature of App-Connect is the ability to integrate your maps with your Volkswagen's navigation system.

Load previous locations, re-route on the fly and receive up-to-date travel information all wihtout taking your hands off the wheel.

Syncing your mobile device with App-Connect differs slighty depending on which device you use. Below we breakdown the setup process of both Android and iPhone devices with the App-Connect system.

To Activate Android Auto

Connect your Smartphone to the USB port in your Volkswagen car or SUV. Android Auto will automatically bring up the information you need to set up the pairing of your device.

Once connected, you'll be able to listen to your favourite playlists with Google Play Music, navigate Google Maps, make calls, and check voicemail with Android Auto and search the web with voice commands by simply addressing Google.

To Activate Apple CarPlay

Connect your iPhone to the USB port in your Volkswagen car or SUV. From there, your iPhone will automatically begin pairing your device.

Once paired, you can have Siri read, reply, and respond to phone calls and messages by addressing her via voice command. Maps will proovide you with in-depth instructions and you can access addresses from your email, texts, contacts, or calandar.

Compatible Volkswagen Vehicles

A number of Volkswagen models feature App-Connect. Contact Town + Country Volkswagen today to schedule a test drive to experience App-Connect first-hand.